5-9 June 2017

Brief description
A very important and classical topic in Algebraic Geometry is  the study of the Albanese variety and the Albanese morphism. Classically, for Riemann surfaces the Albanese variety is the Jacobian and the Albanese morphism is the famous Abel-Jacobi map. This is one of the main tools in the study of moduli spaces of compact Riemann surfaces, with applications also to Differential Geometry and Phisics. For complex surfaces the Albanese morphism is a key instrument in the Enriques-Kodaira classification.
The famous theorem of Green and Lazarsfeld on Generic Vanishing at the end of the eighties focused the attention on the study of the deformation of the cohomology groups by topologically trivial line bundles, and in particular on the continuous linear systems on irregular varieties.
The developement of these theories on the one hand allowed to treat very difficult problems also in high dimension; on the other hand new frontieres have been oversighted, and new interesting problems have gained importance along with the long standing classical ones.

This school is  aimed at phd students, advanced master students and postdocs. There will be three courses, ranging from 5 to 6 hours each, held by world-leading experts in the area. The main purpose is that the lecturers will communicate they knowledge and expertize to young students.
Informal discussions will be strongly encouraged, and specific time slots will be reserved for this important part of the school. There might be satellite seminars devoted to related topics. There also will be a poster session.


Miguel Angel Barja (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Title of the course: “Numerical invariants of continuous systems”

Rita Pardini (Università di Pisa)
Title of the course: “Paracanonical systems”

Christian Schnell (Stony Brook University)
Title of the course: “Kodaira dimension of algebraic fiber spaces over abelian varietes (after Cao and Paun)”

This School is sponsored by:

– Lake Como School of Advances Studies
– Insubria International Summer School IISS
– FIRB 2012 “Moduli Spaces and Applications”
– DipSAT, Università degli Studi dell’Insubria
– Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca
– Università degli Studi di Milano
– Università degli Studi di Pavia

Scientific and Organizing Committee:

– Sonia Brivio “Università di Milano Bicocca”
– Andrea Cattaneo “Università dell’Insubria”
– Elisabetta Colombo “Università di Milano”
– Paola Frediani “Università di Pavia”
– Lidia Stoppino “Università dell’Insubria”



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